Admiral Yamamoto

Japanese title: 連合艦隊司令長官 山本五十六 (Rengō kantai shirei chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku / Combined Fleet Admiral: Isoroku Yamamoto).
Japanese release date: August 14, 1968.

Admiral Yamamoto was produced and released after all available-to-me volumes of Toho Films were published, and judging from its Japanese release date, it was most likely covered in the presently-unavailable UniJapan Film Quarterly 43.

As the dubbed version of the film is likewise unavailable, its existence is apparently only known today from an interview with voice actor Burr Middleton, one of the leading voice actors at Frontier Enterprises in the late ‘60s. In the third part of "Behind the Ming Dynasty" for Jan Alan Henderson's website, Middleton says, "For Admiral Yamamoto, a big Mifune picture, I was employed both as a writer and a dubber."


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