The Adventures of Takla Makan

Japanese title: 奇巌城の冒険 (Kiganjō no bōken / Adventures in Kigan Castle).
Japanese release date: April 28, 1966.
Produced by Toho and Mifune Productions. A Toho Co., Ltd. release.

The nature of The Adventures of Takla Makan’s U.S. release is uncertain. I've found no archived evidence that it enjoyed a wide release, either theatrically or on television. Its greatest exposure came from screenings at the Japanese-language theaters operated by Toho in southern California and Honolulu; I'm presently unable to determine if subtitled or dubbed prints were screened, but generally speaking, dubbed features seem to have been uncommon in these venues.

At present, the only evidence that The Adventures of Takla Makan was released in the U.S. beyond the occasional Japanese theater screening comes from a post on the Temple of Schlock blog, showing a 1975 Miami newspaper ad advertising Takla Makan and four other features playing the Star Twin Cinemas. The ad uses elements of Toho’s own English advertisements for the film, and since it was slated to accompany two contemporary American action films, it could be reasoned that it was the dubbed version. It’s not known who distributed the film and for how long, or where else it might have been released.


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