The Angry Sea

Japanese title: 地の涯に生きるもの (Chi no hate ni ikiru mono / People Who Live at the End of the Earth).
Japanese release date: October 16, 1960.
Produced by Toho and Morishige Productions. A Toho Co., Ltd. release.

The export version of The Angry Sea was called an "English Narration Version" when listed in the appendix "Films Completed Dubbed in English" in Toho Films 1962. (According to the same appendix, a version with Spanish narration was also produced.) Without having seen this version for myself, I can only speculate how a "narration version" differs from a conventional English-dubbed version (i.e., a version in which the characters’ original Japanese dialogue would be completely replaced on the soundtrack by that of English-speaking performers).

Perhaps this was like the initial U.S. release of Toho’s Musashi Miyamoto (1954), which had Hollywood actor William Holden translate the film through occasional narration over the Japanese dialogue. A narrated version of Sword for Hire (1952) was also produced and advertised by Toho in the mid ‘50s , so there may have been a Toho precedent for this practice by the time The Angry Sea came along. However the English translation was handled, the "Narration Version" distinction was dropped when the film was listed in dubbed version appendices in subsequent volumes of Toho Films.

What’s also unclear to me is the year in which this version of The Angry Sea was produced. The film was first advertised in Toho Films 1961, but that brochure made no mention of English dubbing of any kind for any of the films it advertised. It therefore could have been produced anytime between 1960 and 1962.


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